1. perfect stranger

2. just a boy

3. quarter past eight

4. I need time

oisin - time for changes

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June 15: New Oisin clips on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel for impressions of the time for changes recording session and some live clips:

June 01: time for changes available on iTunes

direct link: oisin on iTunes

April 15: New songs on air

Also the songs quarter past eight and love is the answer made it to the playlist of RSI Rete Tre and Radio Swiss Pop.

March 09: Perfect Stranger on Swiss Radio DRS 3

perfect Stranger, the first single released from Oisin's album, has already made the playlist of Radio DRS 3 and was hailed as a 'true discovery'. Our thanks go to DRS 3 and their platform which is a great way to discover new talent: