oisin - time for changes

01.  prologue: night visiting song

02.  quarter past eight

03.  perfect stranger

04.  just a boy

05.  she‘s fine

06.  I swear

07.  the piper

08.  we are free

09.  love is the answer

10.  another day, another night

11.  I need time


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Oisin Kavanagh: vocals

Leendert van Stipriaan: acoustic guitar

Andi Gisler: electric guitars, mellotron, bass, percussion

Ginger Gee: bass

Willi Günther: drums

Rebekka Dold/Jessica Knoll: backing vocals

Andreas Amann: keyboards

Joe Finn: pipes and whistles

Roman Huber/Lukas Minder: marching drums

Produced by Leendert van Stipriaan and Andi Gisler 

Recorded and mixed by Andi Gisler at

Doorknocker Recording Studio, Basel